The Low Down on Wedding Magazines

When planning your wedding it becomes very easy to buy every magazine going. I did this, (stupidly on more than one occasion) and it was expensive!! You can easily spend £15-£20 a month on the new issues of these magazines, and if you are on a tight budget already this will not help your willpower in not overspending.

My collection of wedding magazines (June 2010-Present.. Ooops)….

If you still want to buy, how to choose?

Obviously you cant pull up a chair in a shop and grab a magazine down from the shelf to compare, so I have done a mini comparison to help you!

There are 5 big wedding magazines going (You and Your Wedding, Cosmopolitan Bride, Brides, Wedding Ideas and Perfect Weddings, amongst other regional magazines), and I put them into two categories based on content:

Big budget (You and Your Wedding, Brides and Cosmopolitan Bride) approx. £5 each

Small and personal (Wedding Ideas and Perfect Weddings) approx. £3 each

After picking up the more expensive magazines, I was overwhelmed with colours and themes and lovely stuff. But then I saw the prices of the items and nearly choked on my tea and biscuits. However when I picked up the smaller magazines, which if I’m honest, I thought were going to be rubbish because of their lower price, I was pleasantly surprised.  Tips, products of good value, and quality handmade items were before my eyes! And that was me hooked. I am officially cheap!

Overall, I found that the price of the actual magazine reflects the content inside and the price of the items they promote.  The more expensive magazines are handy to gauge what kind of themes are possible, but where the smaller magazines step up is they put this into practice in more affordable terms.

But remember, this is just my personal opinion, and each issue is different. Some of the bigger magazines have been publishing DIY articles which shows the diversity in what you could be reading from month to month. The trick is to buy a couple of magazines when you start planning your wedding and then stop. Use what you’ve already read to plan your wedding, and use cheaper methods find extra inspiration!

Hope this helps!


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